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I need a mission...

I feel like I need some kind of project.

Just some sort of neat art goal to move towards, I dunno.

If I don't have something to pursue I start getting listless and lazy and that's not good at all.

For like... FOREVER... I've wanted to turn the storyline I have for my Khreed world into a webcomic maybe. (Art from it is here, although it's really old http://landofkhreed.deviantart.com/) I have a kind of simple storyline worked out which could be really fun to just experiment with. Nothing too serious, just doodles on the internet for fun...
Would anyone be interested in giving me feedback on wips if I did?

Either that or I've been really itching to do a series of my own headcanon designs for the dragons from the Temeraire series. Because the idea of different breeds of dragons is just like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for me, and because the breeds in those books are genuinely really awesome and unique.

I just wish I didn't have to worry about a part time job to cover living expenses and that I could get back into drawing all the time...


Do I still have people that follow me on here?

Some Tumblr Art

Have some art! Here's some doodles I've thrown up on Tumblr recently.

Art under here...Collapse )


Writer's Block: People’s Choice

Who is your favorite celebrity right now?

Benedict Cumberbatch

This is where I've been the past few months guys. Utterly and completely fangirling over this guy and everything he does, especially his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in BBC's Sherlock series.

If you haven't watched it already check it out!

(I could NOT resist this one)

oh my

Well HI Livejournal!

Long time no see!

Guess who's been busy with school?

and distracted by a lot of other things...

......like tumblr....

I kind of miss it here though. Being able to post things privately for feedback from friends.

I may or may not start sharing things again :D we'll see what kind of art this quarter produces.

So yes, back in classes, life is as busy as usual, but I'll try and post more art here since I'm really cooking up some good ideas for Khreed and want to share them.

holy crap...


Does anyone still follow this?

I swear I'm still alive and doing art and will have SO MUCH to show you all when I'm finished, but right now I'm so caught up in the madness I barely have time to check or type up anything. I'm still on the brink of a mental breakdown, but I'm almost caught up with everything for school, but then we also have these other projects because you see...

Bethy is doing some awesome stuff

I have three video games and a short film, all made by students that want me to do concept art/storyboards for them, and I am absolutely stoked to get to work on those projects. However, this is going to eat up my time like... no idea. I may even have to turn some of them down or only do a little bit of art. Problem is everyone seems to be jumping on me to do art for them! Ohgeez!

I really miss just getting to sketch for myself... I've lost the fun and details I used to be able to do, and I need to learn to slow down and put in details again... I just miss being able to do my relaxation drawing, instead of rushed work drawing. Oh well. ANYHOO. I do have art...

It's under here...Collapse )


FINALLY scanned those moleskine pages!

Follow under the cut for some artwork!Collapse )

What is this nonsense

Ooooohhh guuuysss.... look who joined the tumblr crowd!

I made two... one is me, the other is also me but me pretending to not be me.... no that's a lie, it's me being me as well, but I'm not going to tell people it's me.


You can find me over on caskin.tumblr.com :D Or click here if you're lazy, it actually opens a new tab for you There's nothing there yet, I need to upload some things...

I want to post little doodlies and sketches on there from time to time, mostly of me just having fun.

Which is what I'm mainly using tumblr for.... I just want to have fun... to let loose and be silly and do goofy stuff because I love it, yes.

so much fun...

I'm going to do some house cleaning and then maybe put together a sketchdump or photodump... like I keep promising to I knooooowwwwww but it's been busy with travel and class and work and AAAAGGHHH


Let me show you my mountains

I just made this post to my facebook and I thought I'd also share it here.

Earlier this evening I spotted that a gorgeous sunset in the works and instantly jumped in the van to find a better vantage point to take pictures.

These are my mountains. The ones I grew up with and looked at everyday when I stepped outside. They were a constant, a solid presence, a reference point that was always there if I needed them, and I will miss them terribly again.

It was so quiet and peaceful this evening, a soft breeze was blowing, and I just stood there and watched the clouds and the setting sun for several minutes. I don't get to just stand still very often, or really have something worth looking at. It's so easy in the city to get caught up in the rush of it all and to have your focus shifted to the menial things. They all pile up and crush you down until you can't breath, and you start wonder why you've been running around in circles and all you can see is your own panicked footprints in the dirt beneath you. There's something to be said for being able to leave that behind, look up at the mountains and the sky, and just stop to breath. The weight rolls off your back and you can just look, not needing to think about anything. That is what I miss the most, and what is so hard to explain to people.

Leaving Colorado tomorrow, I'm sad to go, but it's been a good stay, and I'm ready for classes to start again.

Oh happy day!


I finally turned it on today and nothing bad happened and it's been running fine all day so I'm guessing I'm in the clear! YAY!

I'm back down at home home in the San Luis Valley now, so good to see mountains again, big ol' hawnkin' mountains.

Got to see my cornsnakes again, I just had some snuggle time with all three of them.

Helped my Aunt and Uncle finish splitting and stacking all of the wood that was still in the backyard this morning, getting my mom all ready for winter! We just need to cover it with some tarps but that can be done later, the yard looks so much nicer now without a big awkward wood pile, and then we had a whole cord of already split wood in the alley to stack. I feel very accomplished right now.

Lots more cleaning and fix-it jobs that need to be done too.... lol, "Welcome to your vacation! Now get to work! XD"

Let me get my stuff together and I will have soooooo many pictures and fun videos for you guys.